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"Homeland": I Think We Need to Talk

Warning: If you have no idea about what’s going on with Homeland season two, you should probably avoid my blog for a couple of days.

I realize that I’ve mostly raved about how much I love “Homeland,” and that sooner or later all the tension is going to give me a myocardial infarction (oh yeah, I just got fancy with my bio terms).  But it’s time to come clean. After the HUGE plot revelations at the beginning of the season, I wondered where the show was going, wary of what could happen next, but I happily went along for the ride blindly trusting that the writers knew what they were doing. They’d won all those awards and recognition, hadn’t they? So despite all the moments that have left me sitting upright in bed, clutching my pillow, I have to admit that I’ve been kind of disappointed with the last two episodes. And that disappointment has reminded me about all the stuff I didn’t like that I tried to turn a blind eye to (like hello texting in the situation room? Yeah, okay). So like any relationship that has gone on for a few months, the time has come to figure out what to do next. Do I continue this adrenaline-driven, inconsistent journey, or do I just man up and say it’s over? Since I refuse to make a hasty decision at this point (it has been three months), all I can say is tonight is going to make or break my relationship with “Homeland.”  

So, now that you’re cheering my honesty or cursing my melo-drama (Jesus, Hilda, it’s a TV SHOW), here are all the reasons I’m hating on “Homeland” at the moment.


  1. I HATE Brody and Carrie together. Yes, I admit to thinking of them as a unit, and I’ve even done that weird syllable transposition thing where I've called them “Brady and Cory” (oh, like you’ve never done that before). But just because they get each other, just because they’re two damaged souls that have found solace in each other despite craziness, it doesn’t mean they belong together. No. Sorry. I get it, it’s a television show, but if the series has any desire to retain even a modicum of credibility, they cannot be together. Sorry kids, there’s no white picket fence with 2.5 dogs in your future.
    • First reason they can’t be together: Brody makes Carrie a bad person. Hello! She’s keeping his secret about killing Walden. I get it, Walden’s a douchebag. I never cared for him, didn’t even shed a tear at his passing. In fact, even his wife and kid are douchebags. But he was still the VP! So when Carrie, who runs around Hezbollah-secured apartments in Beirut to prevent a terrorist attack, keeps a HUGE secret like Brody killing Walden, I have issues with it. I don’t buy it.
    • Not to be overly analytical here, especially because I would love to give the impression that I have a life outside of my TV,  but maybe the bigger message here is that love is crazy. Look at Brody and Carrie: love for Issa and love for Brody, respectively, make them do crazy things. Maybe Gansa and co. are anti-love. Think about it. In good conscience, I can’t stand by a show that’s declaring a war on love.
    • I still don’t trust Brody. Whenever Brody touches Carrie’s face in a sentimental way, I get all goose-bumpy, remembering that he’s a Marine and can easily snap her neck in two. In fact, I’m quite jealous of Emily Nussbaum and her amazing theory because she put into words what I’ve been thinking all along. Brody is faking it, despite his very real lust for Carrie.  And nothing will upset me more than Brody making a fool of Carrie, again.
  2. As to the other characters on the show: Estes keeps getting away with being a huge prick, and I'm tired of it. Season one, he ruined Carrie’s life and season two, he’s ruining Saul’s. I can’t deal. Paging karma, come in karma. Please, dole out your universal brand of justice.
  3. The scenes between Nazir and Carrie were really lackluster. Granted, I’ve never tried writing a scene between arch-nemeses before, but I’m pretty sure mine would have involved something else besides “You’re the terrorist,” “No, you are!” I’ve never really been so underwhelmed by writing before. I mean, last week we got an angry Roya turning around Carrie’s interrogation and yelling out, “You idiot whore!” The show I love does stuff like that, not talk about the complacency of Americans because we have savings accounts and organic food. Honestly, it was just awkward all around. 


So, I can continue to get nit-picky, or I can just stop here and say that, despite my list of grievances, I will still be glued to my TV tonight, not only in the hopes that season two can be saved, but that I can continue this relationship. Because I really, really like the show. 

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